Looking for Signs #amwriting

For dVerse; Poetics and the sign said. If you want to see what’s going on, click on the preceding link.


Looking for Signs


Early August

meteorites flash

like spirits

across the navy sky

We watched, waited,

sipped red wine

shared laughing dreams.

She proclaimed:

“if one comes in five seconds

my life will get better.”

Instantly light speared

through darkness

We gasped, hope hanging

We never together

viewed Perseids again.

Her life didn’t improve

but like a meteorite

entering atmosphere

flashed and fragmented.


end 6/20/2017

Sascha Darlington

30 thoughts on “Looking for Signs #amwriting

  1. And still we hang on to hope….but that is a good thing. It gets us through, no matter how things end. A beautiful poem. Thanks for your enthusiasm with the prompt!

  2. I think many people have done this…..If such and such happens, then it will mean such and such. A common wish in a wonderful moment…a shooting star. But such a sad ending here.
    Good take on the prompt.

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