Definitely Not A Vegetarian


203 06 June 18th 2017

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Definitely Not A Vegetarian

Okay. I know this is Europe and everything, but this has to stop.

Why is that danged stone eagle following us everywhere?

Kip shrugs. “It’s Europe. They’re autocratic and presumptuous.”

I look at him askance. “What does that mean?”

He shrugs. “I dunno. I read it in a book.”

We stop at a little place in Devon that has pasties of all flavors. I choose Stilton while Kip chooses steak and kidney. We eat the pasties outside and look up to see the stone eagle.

“Throw him a bit of yours,” Kip says. I do. Nothing.

“Throw him a bit of yours,” I say.

Suddenly the stone eagle dips down upon us. I screech.

“He’s not a vegetarian,” Kip says.

I gulp. Check body parts. “No.”

Kip nods. “We’re not vegetables.”

“Not the last time I checked.”

“I really like Boston,” Kip says, tossing his knapsack over his shoulder, half-running, half-skipping away.

“I can pretty much hear it calling.”

Kip throws the remainder of his pasty behind us as we run for a taxi.


end 6/23/2017

Sascha Darlington

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