Dream Crashers #amwriting

Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge. June 22, 2017 prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that involves a dream. This action could have happened while awake, such as daydreaming, or make up a dream when asleep. Go where the prompt leads as it could be a nightmare or just fond memories or ambition.

This was the first “thought” that came to mind. I will probably try something more fictional as well.


Β©Sascha Darlington

Dream Crashers

You can’t keep dead people and dead dogs out of your dreams. They think they have a right to be there in all of their once alive glory. They laugh and hug or pant and bark and wag their tails and make you believe during your REM state that they are totally alive. For blissful moments, you believe, like it was yesterday, but the sepia tones should be a giveaway. When your dog wiggles her rear end and skips, your chest tightens as consciousness fights for witness: this is a dream and when I wake up, I will cry.


end 6/23/2017

Sascha Darlington

13 thoughts on “Dream Crashers #amwriting

  1. I love dogs and I love the way you portrayed loss and memories through dreams. Your expression leaves a lasting impression. Bittersweet and so very beautiful. πŸ˜™

      1. Thanks, I appreciate that.
        I have the poetry on a page, that wasn’t a home page post, so you’re fine, there is no comment spot there. (I’m new to this and will maybe figure out a better way to organize, but that’s how Im doing it for now.)

  2. I look forward to dreams of Big Brown Dog despite the ache that arrives upon waking. You expressed the dream phenomenon that can be both a balm and a grief.

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