Curdle #amwriting


© Sascha Darlington



Do you know what it feels like to have

something curdle inside of you?

Lumpy and warm and full.

You made me feel that.

I thought feelings inside were dead.

A simple smile, a gentle, non-intentional caress

of your index finger

on my elbow awakened dormancy.

You brushed your lips on mine

As if by accident

As accidents like this should fall

Your eyes portended more

But nothing

For days

Summer passed to autumn

And burnished leaves and slippery rain

I committed to forget you

My feet splashed puddles as I ran

My hair dripped with icy rain

Cold ebbed into my bones

I ran to forget you.

With every footfall, rain splashing upward

I felt the coldness permeate,

Not only my body, but my mind

That’s how it was through autumn and winter.

In spring, still running,

You appeared, a phoenix

So brilliant in your shaded colors

Hurt, I tried to run around

But like a magnet, you drew me near

“Sorry, so sorry.”

You held me tight although I fought

For dignity, for pride, for being thrown aside

“I never meant to hurt you.”

Kisses on my temple, brow.

You enfold me in your arms.

My eyes closed. Compromise.


end 6/24/2017

Sascha Darlington

12 thoughts on “Curdle #amwriting

  1. I lov the things worked out between the and your image of ‘curdling on the inside’ is very interesting. At first it made me think of accidentally drinking milk that is soar and well curdling, separating the curds from the whey to make cheese too. But the image of soar milk, remains making me think how sick that makes a person feel and that perhaps his presence made her past ”curdling love, ‘ something true and healthy! It did not make her sick anymore because Their love is genuine. After he leaves the ‘cold permeates’ and she is ‘ dorment,’ until he returns to live her again and they ‘compromise’ over whatever issue made them come apart. Very neat poem. Fantastic imagery especially with the curdling.

  2. Love the poem. And the photo, but what is it? I would love to be able to enlarge it. Flower petals with butterfly wings and ants??? Intriguingly gorgeous but I must know what it is!!!

    1. A WP friend introduced me to Deep Dream Generator from google. It’s amazingly addictive, here is the link: You plug in your photo and choose some settings and then it generates artwork. There are three different modes. It’s really cool to play with and I apologize now if you end up playing too long with it. 🙂 I think my original photo was chrysanthemums.

      1. I’ve been playing with it. Don’t quite know what I’m doing or how to get them onto my blog, but I’ll just play and hopefully figure it out. Thanks, Sascha.

      2. I worked on a photo once and then wanted to work on it again but keep the original changes. Seems you can’t do that? You just have to choose one effect?

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