Both Sides Now #amwriting

cloud illusions I recall

cloud illusions

©Sascha Darlington

Both Sides Now

We were at the “moons and Junes” phase where we danced, stared into each other’s eyes, and our heat coalesced. Passionate kisses lasted hours.

Flags raised: you unable to see me on Fridays, weekends. I was so enamored I let it go, but Mama didn’t raise a stupid girl.

I nudged for something more. Then there she was. The platinum blonde braless in a tank top with smudged eyeliner sitting on your deck, black coffee in her mug. She dragged on a cigarette, eyed me, and smirked. I was fifteen years younger and not built for confrontation.

No ice cream castles in the air.


end 6/30/2016

updated/edited 6/25/2017

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