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So let us put pen to paper tonight and write a Blessing Poem. May our words create ripples of light and hope in the pond of the world.

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I Would Tell You


I would tell you to always breathe deeply

Especially when stress wants to dominate

To remember that a moment’s anger

Can expand into unrecognizable proportions

That make apologies and forgiveness impossible.


I would tell you that books and people

Cannot be judged by their covers

That skin and hair are not representations

But glosses, that the human being resides deep inside.


I would tell you to drive slower, walk without purpose

To stop and smell the lavender or admire the laughing child

Or listen when spoken to, really listen and not think

About cell phones or facebook or so many things that only seem to matter.


I would tell you to walk in nature and listen and see.

How many times have we walked and talked and never noticed

The deer’s eyes or the eagle soaring or the snake curling upon our path?


I would tell you to pay attention to each moment

Because once gone, it ceases to be.


I would tell you to love with open arms and open heart

To take hurt as a step toward knowledge

To hug and dance with abandon

To always say I love you when the feeling arises.

And, if you say I love you and it isn’t returned,

Keep that as a blessing and not a loss.

Always remember that you’ve opened your heart

And shared it without hesitation.


I would tell you to keep saying I love you

I would tell you to sing everyday

I would tell you to create goodness and kindness

I would tell you that in the long run, it’s worth it

I would tell you this is it, no dress rehearsals, no wait untils

I would tell you to live purposefully now

I would tell you to be, to love, to live.


And I would tell you that life is a blessing

live it well.


end 6/28/2017

Sascha Darlington

23 thoughts on “I Would Tell You #amwriting

  1. i would say i love you even when it is not returned, I have Sacha, even when it hurt so much for it to be ignored, it hurt more to keep it inside, you have written some really powerful words and feelings here, I would listen and keep them in my heart.

  2. All good advice and well presented. In particular I liked this one: “I would tell you this is it, no dress rehearsals, no wait untils”

  3. Simply gorgeous & heartfelt & wise–and there is a touch of mantra & prayer that resides within. As the speaker, your blessings are wonderful–but most youth today will have difficulty hearing you; so sad.

  4. So many things of wonder around us that we so often ignore and how we let opportunities of kindness and thoughtfulness slip us by. This is filled with love and tenderness to ask ourselves and others to pay heed to that which is truly important. Lovely.
    Gayle ~

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