A Good Natured Grumping

I don’t like to rant. There are enough people ranting, so I don’t provide that service here, except under extreme conditions.

I certainly don’t rant about music because my world would be very, very dark without music. I do love some of almost all kinds of music that I hear and no, I’m not just saying that. If you look at the music I share with you, you know that to be true.

But, and here’s where the rant comes in and I daresay it will offend at least one of you who has deemed this your happiest feel good song ever, I would be ecstatic and feel good happy if I never, ever heard Train’s “Play That Song” again. I can’t tell you why except that it feels derivative and uninspired to me. Is it because as a kid I overdosed on “Heart and Soul” on the piano? 🙂

Phew. Rant over. Now for some controversy, I offer these two songs in its place. I’ve only heard the songs, so the videos are new to me.


and yes, I know what you’re thinking, “Sascha, Miley Cyrus?” but this really is a feel good original song. (And, I like Miley’s singing most of the time. Every musical performer gets a chance in my ears…that sounded weird, didn’t it?)


A new installment of Snooty and the Book Cover is coming up. Thanks for indulging my musical rant…heh…wouldn’t it have been funny if it were a musical rant? Like I sang it or something? Okay. I’m slap-happy, probably in need of lunch.

Later. 🙂


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  1. I generally like Train, but their song “Marry Me” drives me right off the rails. To my ear, it sound like a write-it-by-rote romance–bleh! Funny, tho, I found the song you mentioned on YouTube after reading this and relaxed that I recognized the song but never really listened to it. The song just slips away from me and becomes background noise. 😉

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  2. I can do without the Miley Cyrus but it’s ok. The guy and “only human” is great. I don’t know who it is but I love the voice and the drive in the song. Sometimes I feel like I have lost touch with new music. So thanks for this.

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  3. That Train song irks me too! I don’t usually mind a sample or a song ‘inspired’ by but I think that song is too iconic to be used in that way. RagnBone Man is amazing though and look forward to more of your discoveries 🙂

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