What We Lose #amwriting

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“If art, all art, is concerned with truth, then a society in denial will not find much use for it.”     

Jeanette Winterson

What We Lose

I stand outside the arts building, a box in my hands, sadness doming around me as I am the last to vacate.

We had so many dreams we wanted to share with the talented students who won scholarships in the arts, all possessing so much potential, so much skill, so much beauty inside their souls.

What I am surprised about is how quickly we lost our funding, but Gill says that the funding for a school like ours can pay for one or more family golf trips to Florida.


end 6/29/2017

Sascha Darlington

17 thoughts on “What We Lose #amwriting

  1. Great punchline, Sascha ⭐ . I have to admit I do think ceaseless truth is hard, like a diamond grinding wheel, and we need a break from it. If art isn’t at least dressed in imagination and expressions of softer spiritual ‘truths’ I think it can be a tough sell. I’m not in denial of the world’s truths I don’t think. Oh wait on , yes I am, where’s the Pinot?

    1. Are you agrigioing me? Erm….Must work spelling. It would be much easier if it were noiring…..but grigio sounds like agree….and if I have to explain it’s definitely not working is it?
      Thanks. (I could have just said that, couldn’t I? 🙂

      1. A fair question, in part commenting on the quote I think (your piece holds more than societal truth) but shades of meaning can be tricky with non-existent words, so I’m going with fatuous facts. Firstly, it’s a cold Sydney morning with coffee; nextly, I am not a cat 😺; after thatly, I may have been marginally grigioed last night; finally, I am still not a cat 😺.

        PS: Very welcome, Sascha 😺

      2. Alas, Steve, why are you not a cat? It’s the purrfect question, of course.
        Have we created a new verb, like googling…grigioing? Aren’t we clever? 🙂
        I like the idea of art providing truth. I think that there are too few things in life that really do. But then that might put too much pressure on an artist and the medium itself.

      3. Hahaha, yes we are sooo clever, I tell myself every day. Putting it in a feline way, I like truth too, meow meow, and there are different kinds with many ways they can be revealed. And even if we’re not in agrigioment, one of us probably will be very shortly. 😺

  2. Lately, I’ve found that the things people prize most are things that really don’t seem worth the investment. Art is one of those that children remember long after the paint dries. I miss it. Great piece. 🙂

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