Confession: I’ve Run Away, Again!

So I’m a bit late today and I may owe emails to at least one of you, but it’s for a really good excuse. I woke up at 3 am and decided, well, it’s a glorious morning so why not runaway to the beach? And that’s what I did


©Sascha Darlington

I’m at Sandbridge Beach, VA again. For those of you who have been following Snooty and the Book Cover, it’s the setting and inspiration for that story.

Inspiration you might ask? Well, yes, because when I was here about a month ago, a beach mansion was being built. See the picture below.


©Sascha Darlington

Now you may have seen my pretty little yellow house with the dolphin inserts on the deck last year when I posted, but last year there was a rather nice, nondescript house next door. Well, this year when I showed up, this mansion that sleeps 40 (40!!!!!!) and rents for around $30,000 a week with an indoor and outdoor pool, wrap your mind around that! was being built. I’m kind of nosy (or add your own attribute) so I had no compunction in watching the last bits of the house being put together. My observations have culminated in Snooty and the Book Cover, for better or worse.

The house is done and now people rent it so the drama of watching it being built is gone. However, right now, the waves hum, a vacationing voice, probably drunken, resounds, fireworks in the distance (because it’s never too early to celebrate the 4th of July), and my own fingers clacking on the laptop. An oasis.

IMG_3956 (2)

An Osprey searching the ocean for dinner.

©Sascha Darlington


Hopefully this “runaway” will result in the inspiration for another story, but I am not done with “Snooty” and there will be more to come…alas the physical inspiration is gone. 🙁IMG_3952

©Sascha Darlington

Tonight as I look skyward, the crescent of a moon is visible with Spica and Jupiter below forming a kind of pyramid, very cool. If you have a chance, always look up and see what the sky has given you.

Despite the fact that I’ve runaway, I am not abandoning you this time around. More tomorrow.


Sascha Darlington escapee from DC

4 thoughts on “Confession: I’ve Run Away, Again!

    1. Yes, I am. I would like the make the situation one where it wasn’t running away because I would just live here…but then that isn’t different than most people is it? 🙂

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