Three Line Tales. Thanks to Sonya for providing the photo prompt!


You’re in an area you go to infrequently so you never expect to see something of yours, especially your bike propped against the pier next to your boyfriend’s. Suddenly your feet drag in the sand as you approach telling you so obviously that you don’t want to see this, you don’t want to witness the person who brought your bike to this point. There, supposedly hidden from view, your sister and boyfriend passionately trying to perform mutual tonsillectomies, which you think is somewhat amusing and somewhat painful as you ride your bike home to a new future.


end 7/6/2017

Sascha Darlington

6 thoughts on “Re-Cycle

  1. Aren’t sisters supposed to be a girl’s best friends? This was well written, though a little formatting would have given the piece a little more aesthetic appeal. Cheers, Varad

    1. Ah, wouldn’t it be nice if all relationships were as they were supposed to be–but then who decides *how* they are supposed to be? 🙂
      Many thanks for reading and commenting, much appreciated.

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