I Got A Sexy Boot (NOT!)

da boot

For my long time followers, you may remember that back in the beginning of March I was gone for a week or so because I had a bit of an accident. Part of it resulted in me twisting my left ankle pretty badly. So I did the requisite thing of being kind to it for 8 weeks, the norm for a bad twist. However, it wasn’t getting better, still painful and aching and my activity was limited, but I procrastinated because…well…can we say beach vacation? And then add another.

Yesterday (it still feels like today since I haven’t slept) I went to the docs who said if I went him right away….well…anyway, right now the result is the same. I have this lovely and very, very heavy and hot boot on my foot for the next three (hot, sweltering) weeks. I can sleep without it (yay!). But it’s clunky and I need to wear a really high running shoe on the other foot to stay somewhat balanced and not knock my body out of kilter.

Hopefully this will take care of the issues. Evidently I am one of those folks who has an extra bone in their foot (who knew) and it was traumatized when I twisted it (it wasn’t the only one!). Since I am going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina in August for my traditional holiday and need to walk and frolic (who doesn’t frolic at the beach?!), I am seriously hoping the boot will be magic and nothing else will be needed. I so want to play tennis and do things that I haven’t been able to do.

My words of wisdom: don’t procrastinate on things to do with your health unless you have an extraordinarily good reason and those are rare.


6 thoughts on “I Got A Sexy Boot (NOT!)

  1. No procrastinating with health for sure. I’m sorry its become an issue for you. I had that problem all my life and was taped ankle to hip because I couldn’t quit spraining it. Finally it just smashed to pieces. So I know the agony your going through. Casts and boots in the heat of summer when you are planning a vacation are not fun. Hopefully this will heal it permanently. Think good thoughts. I am, for you! Positive no boot happy skippy thoughts ok? hehe

    1. Ha! There would be no skipping with this boot even if my best intentions were there. Thanks, Phyllis for the pep talk. I try to do good vibes so hopefully all will be good. πŸ™‚

      1. I’m sure it will. You give off good vibes all the time. So I’m sending some to add to yours πŸ™‚ Hopefully you’ll have a spectacular time! You are a delight, Sascha. I’m only sorry you have this problem to deal with especially when your expecting fun in the sun πŸ™‚

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