I Got A Sexy Boot (NOT!)

da boot

For my long time followers, you may remember that back in the beginning of March I was gone for a week or so because I had a bit of an accident. Part of it resulted in me twisting my left ankle pretty badly. So I did the requisite thing of being kind to it for 8 weeks, the norm for a bad twist. However, it wasn’t getting better, still painful and aching and my activity was limited, but I procrastinated because…well…can we say beach vacation? And then add another.

Yesterday (it still feels like today since I haven’t slept) I went to the docs who said if I went him right away….well…anyway, right now the result is the same. I have this lovely and very, very heavy and hot boot on my foot for the next three (hot, sweltering) weeks. I can sleep without it (yay!). But it’s clunky and I need to wear a really high running shoe on the other foot to stay somewhat balanced and not knock my body out of kilter.

Hopefully this will take care of the issues. Evidently I am one of those folks who has an extra bone in their foot (who knew) and it was traumatized when I twisted it (it wasn’t the only one!). Since I am going to the Outer Banks in North Carolina in August for my traditional holiday and need to walk and frolic (who doesn’t frolic at the beach?!), I am seriously hoping the boot will be magic and nothing else will be needed. I so want to play tennis and do things that I haven’t been able to do.

My words of wisdom: don’t procrastinate on things to do with your health unless you have an extraordinarily good reason and those are rare.


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  1. No procrastinating with health for sure. I’m sorry its become an issue for you. I had that problem all my life and was taped ankle to hip because I couldn’t quit spraining it. Finally it just smashed to pieces. So I know the agony your going through. Casts and boots in the heat of summer when you are planning a vacation are not fun. Hopefully this will heal it permanently. Think good thoughts. I am, for you! Positive no boot happy skippy thoughts ok? hehe

    • Ha! There would be no skipping with this boot even if my best intentions were there. Thanks, Phyllis for the pep talk. I try to do good vibes so hopefully all will be good. 🙂

      • I’m sure it will. You give off good vibes all the time. So I’m sending some to add to yours 🙂 Hopefully you’ll have a spectacular time! You are a delight, Sascha. I’m only sorry you have this problem to deal with especially when your expecting fun in the sun 🙂

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