Not Like The Other Girls

©Sascha Darlington, Moonrise Sandbridge Beach


Not Like The Other Girls

She’s not like the other girls,

the ones in bits of bikinis

cells poised before faces,

clicking pouty poses.

Her breasts grew early

she’s tried to hide them

behind folded arms

smile shyly at guys she really likes.

She’s the kind to be lost in romantic daydreams.

Imaging interactions where there may

or may not have been one.

She’s the kind to laugh loudly

at things she finds funny.

Her nails neatly filed

seldom glossed.

She likes eyeliner and mascara

but doesn’t shave every part of her body.

When she’s alone she daydreams of him,

but it’s unrealistic, stupid, because:

She’s not like the other girls, posing.

She’s always been real.

She can’t pretend not to be.


end 7/8/2017

Sascha Darlington

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