Shall We Have Coffee? #amwriting

If we were having coffee right now, firstly I’d never go to sleep. It’s 1:00 am. But let’s pretend, nevertheless.

You’d hear Eddie Vedder’s voice in the background singing “Black.”

It’s actually playing right now here.

The coffee would be the Peet’s Major Dickinson blend because I’m almost finished with the bag and it’s rich and with a dash of milk and sugar, luscious.

If we were having coffee…This week? Jekyll and Hyde. I started it at Sandbridge Beach where I ran away to at the last minute. I enjoyed wonderful food and may even be getting beyond my intolerance for the texture of avocados (yay), great weather except for an afternoon thunderstorm, but I love thunderstorms so that was pretty cool. I had wonderful Indian food at Masala Bites where they do a Gobhi Manchurian, which is like a spicy/sweet glazed cauliflower that is crunchy and caramelized tender,  and wonderful.


© Sascha Darlington

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you I “ooohed” over fireworks for the 4th of July. Despite the fact that they are supposedly illegal in VA Beach, people were setting them off and they were pretty fantastic. Sandbridge also set off their own over Back Bay and I kept thinking, wow, why are they so far south and then remembered that there is this big behemoth of a house newly built next-door and that’s why viewing was relegated to a very small portion of the deck. Oops. Duh. (The building of the house is the inspiration for Snooty and the Book Cover , a story that is nearing its end).

Ah, over this wonderful latte, I’d tell you I came home and then had a doctor’s visit on Friday because I am one of the greatest procrastinators and the pain in my foot from my attempt in March to see how far I could twist it without actually breaking it has never gone away. I am now wearing a twenty ton ski boot (well, it LOOKS like a ski boot but is  pneumatic and orthopedic) that I actually manage to hurt my other foot with. Go figure.

Over this coffee, I’d tell you that sometimes I fall in love with the characters in my stories and wish they were real. And then I’d remind myself that life is good, if I let it be.

Thanks for joining me for my first internet coffee…even if I was having an adult beverage at the time. Did that ruin the effect? (I’ll try this earlier in the day next time!) 😉

Happy Sunday, wonderful people!



Sascha Darlington

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    1. 🙂 I am typically a tea drinker (PG Tips that I get cheap from England), but when I do have coffee I like it to be robust and chewy.
      Thanks for reading, Anne!

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