Sky Bruised, Wine Bled #amwriting

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Sky Bruised, Wine Bled

You know how you’re in the midst of a situation and realize while it’s fun, it’s all wrong?

There I was in a pub with amusing friends, a man, Noel, who would give me a ring in an instant but held off because he sensed my apathy, and my sister who was in love with Noel. We laughed, drank bitter, ate marmite crisps, while I fought my constant compulsion to check my cell to see if he had texted, if he had come to his senses and missed me as much as I missed him.

I slipped into the loo where Audioslave’s “Like a Stone” rang tinny in hidden speakers. “I’ll wait for you there…”

I pulled out my cell. No messages. I leaned back against the wall and tried to accept that it was over.

Five hours time difference, where would he be? Fishing? Adding a tattoo to his body? Having a Green Flash beer on the beach with Tiffany?

Buoyed by one too many bitters, I hit speed dial, heard the sound buzz in my ears. Would he pick up when he saw my name? Had he blocked me?

“What took you so long?” he asked.

I laughed.

end 7/9/2017

Sascha Darlington

23 thoughts on “Sky Bruised, Wine Bled #amwriting

  1. Sometimes we just need to take a chance in life.. the results are generally better than we think. Terrific story. Loved the internal diaglogue

  2. Nice take on the prompt!! I love the ending, and also like the message here – more women need to take their lives into their own hands I think; why always rely on the men to make the first move?

  3. I would never have time for someone like this in my life. Drinking bitter I could almost forgive. Bu the marmite crisps as well? I’m sorry, but she would have to go LOL

    Seriously, I love that they were both probably constantly saying the same things ad too nervous to call the other. Those drunk calls can sometimes be awesome

    1. ha! Personally I like twiglets and marmite crisps, other marmite things? Not so much.
      Yes, it’s funny how much in relationships one is always waiting for the other to do something instead of acting themselves.

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