Spell for True Love #amwriting


Thank you to Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers for providing such a beautiful prompt for us this week! And thank you to Janet Webb for creating the picture.


Spell for True Love


June flashed by on the sparkles of fireflies as he promised to do.

To make him stay, I conjured a potion like warm snow in a magic globe, my clear cauldron a whimsy of adoration. Murmured recitations over a bejeweled candle welcomed true love.

Saturday’s fuchsia dawn portended success.

Our meeting at noon comprised laughter. I’d never felt so happy as I fell in love, the soft breeze a pashmina caress.

Then Bella, my cousin, appeared, soft spoken, quietly beautiful in gauzy white that floated around her, cloudlike. An angel.

His eyes met hers.

And never strayed.


end 7/12/2017  (97 words)

Sascha Darlington


46 thoughts on “Spell for True Love #amwriting

  1. Funny, my story started out in this same vein ~ a potion for love then my muse took over and created a political statement! Dang. Although your main character lost out, too.

  2. Well, that certainly is a kick in the teeth! Bella just walks on in while her cousin had prepared everything and it backfired. Lief happens, even in fantasy.

  3. Uh oh! At least she can take solace in the fact that her cousin walked in, not her rival. Beautiful writing, Sascha. Kudos

      1. Your story made me think of seeing a magpie. It means bad luck, but for who? Everyone? What about the people who didn’t see it? Same with good luck. It’s sprinkled about for everyone, and one person’s magic is another’s tragedy.

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