#Weekend Coffee Share aka Poor Poor Pitiful Me (and it ain’t because of the boys)

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Just to switch things up from last week, I am actually having a cup of coffee as I write this. Perhaps not one of my brightest moves as it’s 5 pm, but I’m not currently up for a brightness award,  so I suspect it’s fine. (Until I can’t sleep.)Packaging image for New England Coffee's Colombian Supremo flavored coffee

This time it’s New England Coffee Colombiano Supremo. It’s not quite as good as Peet’s, but that may be my fault. I don’t drink a lot of coffee at home so I can’t even tell you when it was opened. And all connoisseurs (I’m not even pretending to be one) will tell you to use it within a week (like that’s going to happen with me; I’d be flinging myself against walls!).

So this was a week in which I tried to find routine while lumbering around with a fifteen pound boot on my left foot. It’s been an adventure (not!).  Twice in moments of cockiness, I’ve almost fallen on the steps because of overbalancing. (This boot is all about the balance and sometimes I’m just not there…oh, physical balance…oh, yeah 😉 .) My daily steps have drastically fallen (but I haven’t, ha…yet), but when this boot is off I am so going to run and dance around like my usual foolish self. Within reason. No repetitions of messing up my foot allowed.

The boot has made me feel a little sorry for myself, thus the poor, poor pitiful me in the above title (don’t know the reference: check out Linda Ronstadt, Poor, Poor Pitiful Me). Summer is just not the time to have your movements curtailed or sit outside on the deck in the sunshine and feel your leg begin to bake (shall we say delightful?). But anyway. It’s a momentary necessary, well not, evil, but hopefully fix.

Over coffee, I’d play for you the two songs that I heard in the past week and really really like:

If you follow me, you’ve probably seen them both in relation to stories this week. Sorry for repetition. I am all about the music.

Over coffee, I’d talk to you about “entitlement” and what you think about it because I see it so much lately and it is so very alive in the DC area where people have so much and expect more. Entitlement seems to blind people. They get tunnel vision and cannot see the world around them. I suppose it’s akin to self-absorption. It isn’t attractive. Has this become a norm of certain areas of this society or is it part of most society? I’ve thought too much about “entitlement” this week. Oh, well, it’s not like I don’t overthink things.

We had storms last night. They weren’t as bad here as farther north, but they chased Scout the Faithful companion to his bed until dinner time. Can we have an “aww” for Scout? I do feel bad because I love thunderstorms. Label me: frustrated storm chaser.


Storm clouds rolling in. 7/14/2017

And there was the All-Star Game in which several of my Nationals players played. Let’s go, Nats! Woot! Oh, sorry…where did THAT come from? Probably from the two cups of coffee I just consumed in forty minutes.

After a hitch in my reading, which I’ve dubbed reader’s block (although I am sure that someone has done that before me), I am back to being a reader, which is good. I have some excellent books coming up.IMG_1407

Raising my mug, over coffee, cheers, my friends. I hope you have a good week.

All the best, Sascha D and Scout the Faithful Companion who is pleased it’s a sunny, sunny afternoon




6 thoughts on “#Weekend Coffee Share aka Poor Poor Pitiful Me (and it ain’t because of the boys)

  1. Hi, Sascha and Scout. 🙂 I get reader’s block, too. I tend to read in spurts. Binge reading, I call it. Whatcha reading? I’m reading “Perfect” by Cecelia Ahern. It’s a sequel to her book “Flawed.” It’s about a society that, if you’re deemed flawed, you get sent away. Dystopian. Her first. She also writes books like “P.S. I Love You,” which is not dystopian. 🙂 Happy week!

    1. I have been meaning to read Cecelia Ahern. I saw PS I Love You and heard that it’s a better book than movie. I like the sound of the dystopian books and will have to look them up.
      I’m currently reading Lucky Charmed by Sharla Lovelace (I’m only about a chapter in). She writes romantic comedies. After that I have some paranormal, women’s fiction, romance, and young adult on the roster. All good ones, I hope.
      Thanks. I hope you have a happy week as well! 🙂

  2. It may be a mistake to get me started on entitlement…OY!!! this is the curse of our times…everyone everywhere is so busy being offended and entitled that nothing can be accomplished. I had a foot problem for a while ( no boot, but a very long painful issue). You will indeed be so happy to move around again..I also am vigilant never to do any damage to my feet ever again…they are really important. Thanks for coffee!

    1. Yes! How very much we appreciate mobility when we don’t have it.
      Ah, offended that’s another one, isn’t it?
      Offended and Entitled, could work as a short story. 🙂
      Have a great week!

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