Mouse Does Not Sing: “Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli”

So, the all ubiquitous STUFF was making me sad today and I could write lots of sad up until I drowned in my own sad tears. However, as much fun (NOT) that that sounds like, I thought of Mouse. I thought maybe it’s time for Mouse. For those of you who have joined me since March, Mouse is a hacker who is part of a covert ops group. All of her stories can be found here. You don’t need to read them to follow because this is going to be a new adventure.

mouse and lolly

somone nibbled on Mouse’s ear…sorry. 🙁

Mouse Does Not Sing: “Lollipop Lollipop Oh Lolli Lolli Lolli”

I’m sucking on a lollipop, a lollipop of all things. I’m pretty sure these things will kill you. I mean look at the color—there is nothing in nature this color. Puke green. What’s it supposed to be, lime? I googled the ingredients: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Citric Acid, Titanium Dioxide color, Artificial and Natural Flavors and Artificial Colors. (FD&C Yellow 5, Red 40, Red 3, Yellow 6 and Blue 1) and Soya Lecithin. Death by a sucker, suckah.

I’m googling because there’s nothing to do. I’m googling because Tom hasn’t returned. I’m googling because I started sucking on this lollipop and then wondered what was in it and I got sidetracked from doing my actual work, work that involves hacking into a government facility.

Joe’s popped in. Tall, gangly Joe who sometimes acts like he’s all gangster with his thick Chicago accent, Joe who I just realized has a crush on me, and I wonder when did that happen? Of course, I’ve had a crush on Tom so long that I wouldn’t notice someone having a crush on me unless they came up and planted one on my lips. God, I hope Joe doesn’t do that. I slump in my chair as if that would help.

Movement on the monitor to my left showing incoming traffic catches my eyes. My heart jumps. The moment he climbs out of his fancy black SUV my teeth chomp down on the lollipop from hell, splintering it in bits of corn syrup shards. I stand up and almost press my nose to the monitor. In the past four months he’s gotten thinner so those jeans don’t hug the right places the way they used to. But that swagger. That swagger and the alertness of those eyes. That’s Tom.

Every little fiber in my body starts humming “bringing sexy back.”

The door along the corridor opens. I hear the sharp sound of his boots snapping along the linoleum. I push my chair back so I can see easily into the hall.

He glances in and nods, “Hi, Mouse,” and continues walking.

That’s it? My mouth hangs open. You’re freaking kidding me. I almost died at the hands of his ex- and her maniacal girlfriend and all I get is a “Hi, Mouse?”

“Hey, Tom,” I yell.

“Yeah, Mouse?”

I quickly log into the system controls for the building. “The code for your room’s been changed.”

“Can’t be. I was in there yesterday.”

What? When? I never saw him. Oh, well, I type in the new code.

“New protocol.”

He peers around the corner of my little office, his eyes suspicious. “What new protocol?”

“You know, the protocol. The one’s that new.”

He rolls his eyes and steps in. Immediately my office feels very small as it usually only houses a mouse. I look up at him, taking him all in with one glance. He looks good although thinner. Those full kissable lips. I bite mine just thinking about what I want to do with those, sucking on the bottom one comes to mind quickly.

“Uh, Mouse? The code please.”

My face overheats. I write down the code. He pats me on the shoulder and leaves. A pat on the shoulder. Total kid sister territory. Well, that was hardly worth it, now was it?

But, he’s back. Yes! I lift my arms and roll my hips, trying to grind all sexy, but only end up looking like I have an imaginary hula-hoop and then I realize he’s standing in the doorway again. He grins at me.

“You’re looking good,” he says, his blue-green eyes sparkling. He chuckles as he walks away.

Of course. Welcome to my life.


end 7/20/2017

Sascha Darlington

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