Dreaming Darkness #amwriting

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PHOTO PROMPT © Kent Bonham


Dreaming Darkness

Darkness threatened as I navigated twisting streets trying to catch a glimpse of Joe’s taillights. This recurring dream inhibited my daytime, injecting uncertainty where none before existed.

Our life was good; why would he leave?

The house shook with thunder. The shepherd cowered between my knees and the stove where I stirred onions in olive oil.

Mary’s tiny voice filled brief quiet gaps. “What game is this, Daddy? How do I play?”

I peered around the doorway to see him, sweating, prostrate on the carpet.

Through thick rain I trailed the ambulance, its taillights red in the eclipsing darkness.


end 7/21/2017

Sascha Darlington

31 thoughts on “Dreaming Darkness #amwriting

  1. I like the sudden clarity at the end. The story starts as if there was a breakup, but ends with the truth — Joe has had something terrible happen to him. I was puzzled about the shepherd, though. Did you mean German shepherd, as in the dog?

    1. Thanks for reading and your comments. Yes, I did mean dog and had dog originally but thought that seemed distant. I think I might have one word left, but this will probably be an English Shepherd. 🙂 I appreciate your time!

  2. Dear Sascha,

    There’s so much to this short story. You set the scene well. The mother trying to hold herself together while the ambulance is on its way. Well done.



  3. This gave me shivers. I often had dreams of horrid things happening; when they did, they were not quite as I had imagined but not far either…

  4. How sad. Not a break-up as I thought after all.
    I was a bit confused about where the “shepherd” fit in until I saw a comment explaining it’s a dog and not an actual shepherd. The name “Mary” as in “Mary had a little lamb” also led me to think of a human shepherd hee 🙂

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