Memaw’s Law #amwriting

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PHOTO PROMPT © J Hardy Carroll

Memaw’s Law

Who to call?

“Come on,” the deputy says.

Not my dad. When he sees the dent in the hood, he’ll slap me hard.

Not my ma. It’s late morning so she’s probably drunk.

I settle on Memaw.

“I hit Derek with the car. I’m at the sheriff’s.”

“What did he do?” she asks around her cigarette.

“Stole my money for meth and cheated with that Hayley-girl.”

“Is he alive?”


“Gotta hit him harder next time, child,” she says. “I’ll be there.”

The deputy grimaces. “Your grandmother’s coming here?”

“She taught me all I know.”

“Well, heaven help us.”


end (99 words)


Sascha Darlington

49 thoughts on “Memaw’s Law #amwriting

  1. Great story , Sascha. Cool Meemaw.
    By the way, ‘ meemaw’ reminds me of a Sheldon Cooper from the soap’ The Big Bang theory ‘. 🙂🙂😀

      1. It was brilliant and so awesome, so you are certainly welcome. How did the holiday go? We’re you able to manage? By that I mean have fun?

  2. Dear Sascha,

    I can’t help but laugh when I think about what this Memaw is like. Doesn’t sound like the cookie baking granny of song and story. 😉 Good one.



  3. “She taught me all I know.”

    “Well, heaven help us.”

    I like this ending, it is so ambiguous.
    Is the sheriff saying; is this the sort of upbringing our children get? – or – is he afraid of the feisty memaw.

  4. Aw, I love the sound of Memaw. I could see her being the basis for a whole story of her own – a whole novel even. You have to love older people who have lived and who still misbehave – they’re the best. Great tale Sascha with some cracking dialogie

  5. Grandparents always take their grandchildren’s side no matter what! Love this depiction of that relationship, and also she seems to have a reputation with the police too!

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