RIP Sam Shepard


One of the best scenes from The Right Stuff is when Sam Shepard playing Chuck Yeager appears like a phoenix when the viewer thinks he perished in a crash. Today we lost Sam Shepard to complications from ALS.

If you weren’t aware, Sam Shepard was also a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright and I read his plays like Fool for Love and Buried Child before I ever saw him act. I loved the characters in his plays because they were average, but philosophical, feeling things I could understand. And, when I saw him act, I crushed on him. Tall, boyishly handsome, smart, and a writer who could act, a total package; I thought he was a renaissance man.

And when I had the opportunity to quote from one of his plays in a piece of flash fiction I wrote here a few months back, you can bet that I did. As I wrote about the cowboy actor, I had an image in my mind of what he would look like.

Rest in peace, Sam Shepard.

“I hate endings. Just detest them.”

Sam Shepard


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