Review of Wilde Horses


Wilde Horses

Jannine Gallant

Lyrical Press

May 23, 2017

Blurb from Goodreads: The Wilde brothers may be attracted to all things fast and furious. But their spirited sister can’t be tamed when it comes to matters of the heart . . .

The beautiful vistas and peace and quiet on her family’s Wyoming ranch are a balm for Eden Wilde’s soul—and inspire a gentle touch when it comes to breaking the wild horses she loves. Though there’s no hope on the breathtaking horizon for her love life. Until her sanctuary is invaded by a movie studio shooting their latest blockbuster starring Hollywood’s man of the moment.
After a personal tragedy plays out in his real life, movie star Blake Benedict finds himself falling for the wide-open spaces and easy going pace of Wyoming—and for Eden. Around her, he feels safe shedding his public persona and letting down his guard. But then accidents begin to happen on set, mishaps that could end Blake’s career—or his life. And Eden will be forced out of her comfort zone to save the Hollywood hero from an enemy he never saw coming . . .

“An exciting new voice in romantic suspense.” —Mary Burton, New York Times bestselling author

“Well developed, realistic characters. Entertaining family dynamics. Jannine Gallant gives you a satisfying read.” —Kat Martin, New York Times bestselling author

“Check all the windows and doors before you go to bed because the relentless, obsessive stalker in Every Move She Makes will have you looking over your shoulder long after the lights go out.” —Nancy Bush, New York Times bestselling author


So I really wanted to love this book, which sounds silly, after all who starts a book hoping they’ll hate it (and if they do, would you really want to read a review by them?)? But, you know, when you read a lot, it’s exciting to find new authors and series and I was hoping that this would be one because the blurb certainly sounded interesting, not to mention all of the high ratings.

Unfortunately I struggled to get through Wilde Horses. Most of the text is dialogue, which would be fine, even great, if it were funny, snappy, or contributed to the overall story. It didn’t. It was lumbering and unbelievable. The twenty-seven year old, Eden, sounded like a middle-aged woman, except for one instance where she actually says: “I know, right” and I had to blink because that did sound like a twenty-seven year old.  And Eden and Blake, our Hollywood hero, frequently sounded alike: lots of “you bets” between the two of them.

Two other female characters, Kara and Pris, who I presume are supposed to be foils for Eden are both described as needy, which I found sad as it raised neither character above a stereotype in proximity to Eden who is supposed to be spirited and independent. (No go stereotypes!) And let’s just say that there’s a fine line between spunky and bratty and at the beginning I found Eden to be more of the latter, but her personality did become more ingratiating later.

The action doesn’t really pick up until 40-odd% into the novel (yes, the Kindle app deals out those fine details) and if I hadn’t been so determined to finish the book, I doubt I would have made it that far. Unfortunately, it comes too late for this reader as you just can’t have next to nothing happen for the first half of a romantic suspense.

What would have saved it? If Eden and Blake had chemistry. If their dialogue exchanges were funny and sexy. If there were some spark somewhere. If events weren’t so predictable.

So that’s my take on Wilde Horses. Many reviewers loved it. Will your mileage vary?

I hate giving bad reviews. 🙁

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

rating: 2-and-half

2 butterflies and a ladybug out of 5 butterflies


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