Halo of Hot Sunshine #amwriting


You complain of summer

how the days are so hot

you cling to the shade

where mosquitoes en masse

discover the mouthwatering

morsels of your blood

I smile but can’t murmur

agreement acknowledging

winter’s gray days

bone-penetrating cold winds

crying through the night

like banshees

numbing my nose, toes

no birds singing

just the wind and

the scrape of metal shovels

jousting with snow

no, I’d rather remain half-clad

in shorts and tee,

sipping iced beverages

sweat glistened

in a halo of hot sunshine.


end 8/9/2017

Sascha Darlington


written for dVerse, Seeking Some Shade Today

11 thoughts on “Halo of Hot Sunshine #amwriting

  1. So glad you joined us for this prompt! I enjoy the imagery in your poem…most especially this line
    “the scrape of metal shovels
    jousting with snow”
    which appeals to my eyes and my sense of hearing! Having grown up in the midwest (although we’ve been in Boston since ”97), I’ve jousted with the snow a lot! And once we moved to a condo that included snow removal services, I must share that the very first storm of that season I was jolted awake by this wierd metallic thud/scrape sound, peered out the window and smiled: there was the snow — a blizzard of snow coming down furiously — and there was the plow, clearing it all for us! 🙂 So thanks for bringing back this memory for me — I’m smiling here with my first cup of morning joe. And — I also love the idea of skin glistening and a halo of summer 🙂

  2. Not me. I like the cold. (Perhaps you don’t know what “hot” is.) I particularly like “banshees.” Yep, that’s what winter sounds like. But it is easier and faster to dress in the summer, you got that right.

    1. lol…I’ve been in 115 in Las Vegas and 105 in DC with humidity at a zillion. After having to walk a crippled dog at midnight in 15F, snow on the ground, wind discovering any uncovered flesh, cold penetrating gloves, because one hand had to be on the leash, well, yeah, I prefer the heat. 😉 Most people I’ve spoken to who say they love the cold don’t seem to actually spend much time outdoors in it.

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