Her Empires Are Falling Down #amwriting

PHOTO PROMPT© Jan Wayne Fields

Thanks to Rochelle at Friday Fictioneers for hosting. If you’d like to join in and read the instruction, please visit her site here. To read more stories with this prompt, click here.

Her Empires Are Falling Down

“Is that a tent caterpillar cocoon?” she asks.

“Fall webworms.”

She snaps a picture. The cocoon could cradle a small person.

We come to the stream where I once taught her about crustaceans. She lifts a stone, out dances a green crayfish, pincers ready. She smiles, bittersweet.

She is everything her father and I ever wanted. All her days ahead. All I will miss.

“I didn’t mean the stuff I said.” Thickness chokes her voice.

“I know.” I do.

She hugs my bony body as if trying to keep me earth-tethered.

A sharp breeze announces Autumn, leaves collect, silently, a shroud.


end 8/25/2017

Sascha Darlington


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  1. This is so ,so beautifully written and so very touching , Sascha. I could almost feel the emotions in her voice as she spoke to her ailing mother.
    Exquisite !

    Liked by 1 person

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