What’s The Squirrel Say?


Dear Ms. Human Nut and Seed Providing Lady,

I waited days for your return.

Just like this.

Sprawled on a deck railing peering inside of your house.

(Is that an inhabit?)




For your imminent arrival.

I think you did not think about me on your vacation.

Hopefully you will think about me now.

Yours always,

Squirrely Dude



Sascha Darlington


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  1. Awwww. Love this because I too have a squirrel, down at the barn, named Lucy (as in “you have some ‘splaining to do, Lucy.”) Have you plied him/her with nuts and seeds? Have you been forgiven? Perhaps next time a squirrel-sitter…

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    • I just put peanuts in the shell out and the chickadee ran off (ok, flew) with most of them despite the fact that they were half its size. Squirrely did get some since her abode is in the tree right above the deck.


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