In Circles #amwriting


PHOTO PROMPT © Roger Bulltot

Thanks to Rochelle for providing us with the prompt for Friday Fictioneers. If you’d like to join in, click here. To read more stories from the prompt, click here.

In Circles

“Tie her to the tree! The kudzu’ll cover her in minutes,” Tommy Armstrong said, laughing.

As I pass the Armstrong house, its fire-ravaged skeleton kudzu-covered, my friends’ voices echo as if moments, not years, ago.

“Kudzu’s not scary,” said Bryant, my champion until honor spurred him and my brother Austin to Afghanistan. Their voices haunt me still.

“Kudzu’s gonna get you,” Tommy says.

I turn toward the man I’d last seen at Austin’s funeral. While fire scarred him beyond skin deep, his smile remains, home.

“Done running away?”

I nod. “I wanted to escape memories, but what’s left without them?”


end 9/1/2017 (100 words)

Sascha Darlington


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  1. Dear Sascha,

    I loved the voices of the children in her head…the memories. You managed to say so much in so few words. I’m reminded of one of my favorite song lines “No matter what you do, you’ll never run away from you.” (‘Kicks’ by Paul Revere and the Raiders.)



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  2. What an excellent story! You cover many years effortlessly, and a range of emotions from childish fears and taunting, through adolescent affection, to mature reflection; and you finish with a deep insight. And all in 100 beautifully fluent words. Wow!

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