Duel to the End #amwriting

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Duel to the End

I thought in my lifetime we might have become sensible and yet here are tanks led by a televangelist who proclaimed all shadow Christians would fight on his side. He proclaimed we were destined for civil war if his president were impeached. Fight for the unborn!

 A man in Navy whites comes forward.

“Sir, Mr. JB, we hear you are ready.”

The 77-year-old white haired man steps forward. “My tanks are ready. We shadow Christians will fight to the death.”

“I’m Admiral Cahill. I have been chosen for the duel.”

“Duel? Pardon? I have tanks. I have my hunters with their shotguns.”

“No, sir. It’s a duel. You alone against me.”

Televangelist JB’s eyes narrow, he glances side-to-side. “Not possible.” His face is momentarily reptilian as his eye narrow further.

“With all due respect, sir, it’s been agreed that all parties who wish to pursue civil war must have their supreme agents stand for them.”

“I don’t know what that means. It’s satanic!”

“Sir, it means that when you shout civil war, you’re responsible for the duel.”

“I’m old.”

“Do you wish to retract?”

“I could die. Send a young one.”

This is partial fiction. A call for civil war was actually broadcast by a so-called Christian evangelist if Trump were impeached. A sad state of affairs in a country that once had free speech and a reasonable set of values. May we find them once again.


Sascha Darlington

9 thoughts on “Duel to the End #amwriting

  1. A lot of people said they’d move to Canada if Trump were elected, but he was elected and as far as I can tell, there was no excessive exodus to Canada.

    One crazy televangelist says he’ll call for Civil War if Trump is impeached. He’s full of hot air, too. Most people who publically say outrageous things don’t follow through. It’s all “marketing”.

    1. Yeah, I hear about the exodux to Canada every single election regardless of who’s running. Some people did go to Europe this time around.
      I guess I do understand that it’s marketing, but with emotions running so high with everyone, it amounts to rabble rousing which shouldn’t be condoned. sigh
      Thanks, James!

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