September #amwriting


©Sascha Darlington



Silky heat


Purple asters budding

Tomatoes withering

Elementary schools vibrant

Mornings early

Breakfast bleary

Earnest hugs

Remembering laughing summer


Sascha Darlington

I’m late (what’s new?) for the dVerse acrostic.

9 thoughts on “September #amwriting

  1. It’s all happening with this post Sascha, and I even figured out what the acroissant is. Lovely warm evocative flow and the artwork, oh yeah! Down under we’re heading in the other direction but I have a feeling we’ll be going too far. The air is already filled with smoke from burning off and spring has sprung with 28C. Sorry too lazy to look up what that is in Fahrenheiten. 😸

    1. Yep, gotta love croissants! 🙂 They are fun to write and to eat!
      Thank you.
      28C = 82, which is kind of a friendly temperature. We’ve had that most of the week. Right now it’s 69F (190C) and raining. (That’s your friendly weather report.)

      1. That would be steamy as well as rainy. Sorry, I know what you meant, couldn’t resist. So moving away from whatever images might be conjured up… 🤓 there must be two days a year when the statistical average north and south temperatures match as they cross and the world is as close as it can be to the same temperature everywhere. They’re probably on the internet somewhere, but I’m naming them the Boring Days. 😴

      2. Okaaayyyyy, so much for boring. 🙂
        I started to think about statistical averages and geographical locations and how it would all come together and my brain turned off. I think the “right” side of my brain objected. We’ll go with the boring days. 🙂

  2. Nice acrostic poem to September. I don’t know when summer ends, but summer breaks for school usually end around this time. Thank you for linking with us at dVerse!

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