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Laine drove toward the cabin hoping for serenity.

None came.

On the porch, she watched fog evaporate with the rising heat while familiar apathy weighed.

Henry’s words stabbed. “It was a dog. Not your kid.”

Because he never wanted to have kids, a lie divulged when she found college-tuition paperwork for a dependent. “With her” ricocheted.

Dottie had never been just a dog, but a shadow when Henry “traveled” or “worked late,” unconditional joy in darkness, the unjudging audience.

Laine held the urn to her heart then tossed Dottie’s ashes into the wildflower meadow. “Run free, baby girl, for me.”


end 9/6/2017

Sascha Darlington

51 thoughts on “Free #amwriting

  1. Such a sad yet beautiful story , Sascha. I am teary for Liane too . What is she going to look forward to now? Time to say goodbye to Henry, for sure. Great work!

  2. It’s depressing when people can’t understand the grief that bereaved pet owners feel. I’m lucky I’ve been sharing my life with people who’ve understood at those times. Good one.

  3. I am wondering why this Leane is still with Henry 🙂 Your captured her pain very well Sascha. I am sure there are lots of women leading lonely lives with their pets as their only solace.

    1. I think some people stay in what they think is a comfortable situation or don’t clearly see what is going on around them until evidence is shoved in their faces.
      Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Dear Sascha,

    Laine needs to adopt another dog and leave Henry. And there’s no greater love than that of a pet. Unconditional. I’ve never had a pet that was “just a…” Well written. Heartbreaking.



  5. A very thoughtful piece Sascha. 💚 Pets and people… If we transfer to people, do we want someone around us (not talking about children) who adores us, who’s dependent on us, and on the flipside, who’s caring and understands us completely? Something I read was that we might think we do, but the answer is no. We don’t want to be completely understood, and sometimes we’re happy to be treated thoughtlessly. I am, but you know, not all the time. 😜

    1. Actually that’s interesting. We are happy to be treated thoughtlessly? That sounds masochistic. I wonder why we would care not to be understood? Is it because we deem ourselves horrible and that if we’re understood the other individual would see us as horrible as well? Is that why it is so nice when a dog love us regardless? All questions. You’ve just given me MORE questions, which I am not sure I really needed. heh However, it obviously leads itself to the next writing.
      Thanks, Steve. I’m sure I mean that. wink wink

      1. I like questions. 😸 I think the fundamental answer is that we are independent people and not pets.

        We don’t want to be completely understood because want to retain our surprising and amazing selves (not because we’re horrible, although I am a bit. Or a lot 😸).

        And at some moments we don’t want people to think of or care about us. In Japan whenever I pulled out a map, someone came over to help me. So caring, so thoughtful. I started reading my maps in a toilet cubicles. 😸 Even with loved ones, same thing, we don’t want to always be catered for, we just want to get on, because we are not pets. As you might suspect, I love arguing. 😸

      2. that’s good (the arguing), because I’m not sure I agree with you. ha!
        I am always genuinely appreciative when someone goes out of their way to show concern, even if I don’t want it. So, I’m not altogether convinced of your answer.
        I think (hope) you are being sarcastic about our not wanting to be understood is because we want to retain our surprising selves. I don’t buy it. If we don’t want to be understood, I’m sure it has more to do with foibles than greatness, sorry (crap, the sorries all arise from being a woman, sorry, (heh), that just makes more sense. Why would we not want our greatness to shine through? If, indeed, it exists. (Yep, 😉 I’m sure it does for you….no, that’s not sarcastic!)
        Give me a better argument.

      3. Thanks, but not sure I have a better one. I admit we all have bits we want to hide, and yes, we want our individual awesomeness to shine through, don’t we wood ducks? Quack quack. But if we are *fully* understood, that’s gone, we become predictable and boring. The awesomeness doesn’t come from being understood but from not being understood.

        If you mean appreciative that they thought of you, okay, that’s different, but I think that sometimes we just want to be left to do whatever it is, and I’ve seen it in others as well. Even when I was young with severe asthma, I wanted to try stuff myself and preferred that people didn’t think of me. Okay, that’s all I’ve got and pale Pinot is beckoning. 😸

  6. Non pet owners can never fully understand.
    In her case, her pet was also a replacement for a waste of space guy…
    Hopefully she moves on, with a new pet and a fellow pet lover!

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