I’m Back! Log of the Faithful Companion #amwriting

the great scout-ini b and w

We heard on Facebook, as we skipped over all of those politically partisan memes and rants Image result for cringe emoji, that some folks might not mind me stealing the spotlight writing another post. I took over volunteered because Ma Sascha looks stressed and who knows what she might write. I’m just hoping she has some hair remaining when she’s done.

If you’re wondering how a dog can compose a blog post, I will remind you of the existence of google translate, which is a really amazing tool. Those folks at google! Incroyable! (I’ve been practicing my French!)

Sascha left me yesterday to go to her job and turned Pandora on so I had some tunes to wag to. I heard the new Taylor Swift song, which made me kind of wish for the old Taylor Swift because I do like good lyrics. Here’s the video. You tell me what you think.

The music is pretty good though. I wonder if I could get away with saying, look what you made me do? It puts the responsibility on someone other than me! But, you know, I’m really good so when would I ever need to say that?

We ate Chinese food last night, which I like. I had some bites of shrimp balls, which kind of makes me chuckle. Sascha says my sense of humor is just like a 10-year-old boy’s. Well? What does she expect? IΒ am a 10-year-old boy. Sigh.

Today is raining and dreary and Sascha is trying to get organized (good luck with that)–yay! I think that’s enough for now. I’m going to have a cookie.

Until next time, be safe and keep your tails wagging!

Love, Scout the Faithful Companion



24 thoughts on “I’m Back! Log of the Faithful Companion #amwriting

  1. Hi Scout! Maggie here. Yep, your Mom was right, we are very alike, but you;re not as grey round the snout as me. Is that your own cup? I’ve got to drink out of a bowl, or if we’re out and They forgot my bowl, I drink water out of a plastic bag. It’s cool! I like chinese too, especially those prawn cracker things. I get a chicken ball and some rice all to myself.
    Good to meet you! πŸ™‚

    1. Thank you, Maggie! No, it’s not my cup. Sascha is all about her pics and she thought it was cute. I have stainless steel bowls. I’ve never drunk out of a plastic bag before, I don’t think I would. I’m very nervous about drinking water. (But that doesn’t make me any less of a boy dog! Very macho (kind of).) I’ve never had a chicken ball (chuckle).
      Nice to meet you too. Do not be a stranger! I hear you live across the pond. I have friends there in Wales and the midlands who sometimes come to visit (humans, not dogs).

      1. We were on a boat in a marina on the River Avon, but now we are in ‘betweeners’ as we will be moving towards the sea! They tried Wales. Very pretty, lots of hills and narrow roads (and swearing from the driving seat….. I pretended to be asleep). I like nice cold water, fresh ‘with bubbles’ but not fizzy. There are bowls left out in front of shops in town, but sometimes it is old, and I don’t like the smell. I do get to have latte coffee froth though!

      1. Yes I know that one, and last time this happened, it had something to do with my set up, so I’ll have to have my son check on that. Most of the program is working perfectly now, until the next time they do an update lol omg eye roll.

      2. erg. They seem to revamping again because they’ve changed the way to schedule posts and me no likey. I’m afraid I’m going to accidentally publish a cover reveal before it’s time. πŸ™

  2. Hi Scout! Well of course a dog can write a bog post! I am a cat and I have an entire blog! Easy Peezy, right! Just wanted to say that you are a really cute and sweet looking companion! I look forward to seeing more posts from you! Meow!

    1. Hmm. I was never told cats and dogs could have their own blog. I may have to see if I have the time in my schedule.
      I am the replacement cat, btw. Sascha’s cat died in January of 2009 and I showed up in September. A man at the beach told me I was just as friendly as a cat too. I don’t think it was a complement, but I will continue to research.
      Thank you. You are also cute, for a cat. πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰
      I shall visit your blog as I am intrigued. Sascha does not share her blog visits with me, probably because I am so busy keeping an eye on the neighborhood.

      1. A doggie blogger, companion AND watch dog! You’re a triple threat! Can’t wait to read more of your posts! Have a great day….hopefully Pandora was left on again for you!

      2. lol
        Thank you, Frazier. I hope you enjoyed the US open. My Sascha played tennis a lot until recently when she hurt herself.
        I always get to listen to music when I am alone. When we go to the beach, sometimes the television is left on. Recently I got to watch South Park. Amazing stuff, that.

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