Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!” #amwriting

mouse in vest with phone and cat

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Mouse Says: “There’s an App for That!”

“You are our secret weapon now,” AK-47 says, nodding his head at the vest. “There are explosives and shrapnel in the pockets. Did you know that your bones splinter during the explosion and become projectiles as well?”

“I thought you were an environmental group,” I say and then realize I should have kept my mouth shut.

“How do you know that?” He is very close now. “No one outside of this room knows that.”

“Oops. You know how rumors get around.”

“No. Tell me,” he says. His face is inches from mine. His breath smells like fish.

“How does the bomb work?”

“No. Tell me what you know,” he says.

“Nothing. Really. You all just look like Greenpeace, so I was guessing.”

“You lie.”

I gaze directly into his eyes. “Some woman came running through the kitchen yelling that there were hostages up here and they were being held by Swedish environmentalists.”


“I’m just repeating what I heard.”

“We’ve Norwegian, not Swedish.”

“I don’t think it matters.”

“Of course, it matters. How would you like to be called Canadian?”

“Right now? I’d probably love it.”

He jerks his head at me. “Go over there with the hostages. No one will disobey me or I will blow her up.”

He holds his cell phone up in front of him. Could this be my lucky day?

“The bomb would be a lot more efficient if you had them get in a circle around me,” I suggest.

Diego swears under his breath, but I hear him.

AK-47 smiles and nods. “Good thought.”

I’m semi-bemused that no one is suspicious of me. I would have been in their place.

However, as the hostages are directed to encircle me, they are none too friendly about it. One man grumbles that I have probably killed them all. When I am certain that AK-47 and his cohorts can’t see me, I reach into my pants for my cell phone and find my signal blocking app. Once activated the vest becomes as useful as a fluffy cat. Now that’s cat and mouse my style.




Sascha Darlington

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