No Second Chances #amwriting


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No Second Chances

I thought we could recreate love but you said “Second chances are for losers and I’ll never be one.” And when the door slammed, I found I didn’t mind so much after all.



Sascha Darlington

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    • errrrrrrm, Steve if you like being a loser…..doesn’t that implicitly state that you are one? By your own admission, because, for sure, I wouldn’t know. 😀 (except you’ve never sounded like one)

      • That proves it, Sascha, because normal people often contradict themselves and make very little sense. Just like I’m doing now. Quiet wood ducks, it’s almost Pinot time. 🦆🦆🦆

      • People are only interested in me for my wood ducks. No-one cares about my expertise in magnetohydrodynamics or my bank account or my fascinating stories. It’s all about the ducks, and the reason is that my ducks are special: they’re Affirmation Ducks. For example

        me: I think I’ll start a blog and write silly things on the internet.

        ducks: Great idea Steve, go for it.

        me: I’m going to the 7-Eleven in my pajamas to buy cigarettes.

        ducks: Fantastic, enjoy yourself.

        me: I’m going to prepare duck à l’orange.

        That was when I discovered they have teeth, but anyway, mostly they affirm.

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