No Second Chances #amwriting


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No Second Chances

I thought we could recreate love but you said “Second chances are for losers and I’ll never be one.” And when the door slammed, I found I didn’t mind so much after all.



Sascha Darlington

9 thoughts on “No Second Chances #amwriting

    1. errrrrrrm, Steve if you like being a loser…..doesn’t that implicitly state that you are one? By your own admission, because, for sure, I wouldn’t know. 😀 (except you’ve never sounded like one)

      1. That proves it, Sascha, because normal people often contradict themselves and make very little sense. Just like I’m doing now. Quiet wood ducks, it’s almost Pinot time. 🦆🦆🦆

      2. People are only interested in me for my wood ducks. No-one cares about my expertise in magnetohydrodynamics or my bank account or my fascinating stories. It’s all about the ducks, and the reason is that my ducks are special: they’re Affirmation Ducks. For example

        me: I think I’ll start a blog and write silly things on the internet.

        ducks: Great idea Steve, go for it.

        me: I’m going to the 7-Eleven in my pajamas to buy cigarettes.

        ducks: Fantastic, enjoy yourself.

        me: I’m going to prepare duck à l’orange.

        That was when I discovered they have teeth, but anyway, mostly they affirm.

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