Say What? Ukulele!

A few years back as I was squandering time  learning valuable things on youtube, I discovered this gem. You’re probably familiar with While My Guitar Gently Weeps, with its robust electric guitar. If you appreciate that, then you have to hear what Jake Shimabukuro can do with this instrument. It’s sweet initially and then intense. It’s amazing. Have a listen.

4 thoughts on “Say What? Ukulele!

  1. cracked me up when you crossed off “squandering time” to be replaced with “learning valuable things”. the ukele playing is amazing — I had no idea it could sound like that. like a sweet high voice singing

  2. 15 million views can’t be wrong. While I was youtubing, I found Chris Rea (Fool if you think it’s over) which led me to Bertie Higgins (Key Largo) and then Benny Mardones (Into the Night). I need a 12-step program for YT!

    1. I think there is probably a large group for this, of which I am one. But at least listening to music is a good thing, I think anyway. And, gosh, I haven’t heart aht Benny Mardones song is ages. I liked it. How about a little….Hello, It’s Me? Todd Rundgren?

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