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When I was little, it was our chore to rake the leaves into a big pile, which we then jumped in and scrambled again. I still remember the smell of the dry leaves or how the ones at the bottom, damp, would stick together and that smell of moldering. Or how, when it seemed we were done, the winds would come and wine-colored maple leaves would rain down upon us.

Today the leaf blowers are out, their engines throbbing like a revving Harley. The kids are indoors plastered to their electronics.

Fun isn’t simple anymore.



26 thoughts on “Leaves #amwriting

  1. Short but beautifully written and bang on target. I’m sorry to admit I own a leaf-vacuum, but spend so much time clearing blockages that it’s quicker to get the rake out.
    On a positive note, a farm near us has opened up one of its fields as an outdoor play centre. There are climbing frames, tunnels, hills and piles of logs and sticks to build dens with. Kids and adults (particularly grandparents) love it – and there are no electronics in sight.

    1. That sounds wonderful. It takes kids to nature, which I’m all for.
      I’ve always thought there was something meditative about raking (as long as you don’t keep thinking about how much yard is left. πŸ™‚ ) .

      1. I agree. Manual labour can be a restorative experience, but probably only when you’re doing it as a hobby. I’m not sure I’d feel the same if it was something I had to do to keep food on the table. Much respect to those who do.

  2. Sad but true. You have written it so well. I took my horse out to the forest today and there are leaves collecting on the trails now. More to come soon. He scuffs them with his hooves and they rustle about. There are no leaf blowers in the woods!

      1. Yes it is. And one of the best things about the woods is the silence. There is some birdsong that breaks it but it is a very peaceful silence.

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