OctPoWriMo Is Coming!

Poets, if you’re up for the challenge, join me for OctPoWriMo. Here is the link for the challenge.

Hope to see some of you there!

17 thoughts on “OctPoWriMo Is Coming!

      1. I don’t understand. Florence doesn’t have a mustache. Oh sorry, I get it, display an image and draw on the screen with the marker pen. 😜

      2. Okay…I’m lost. I’m not playing with a full deck because of this bloody cold that won’t release my brain. I don’t think you’re pinot noiring because it’s too early….except you ARE Australian……

      3. No, I do not drink before Pinot O’Clock. Translating from unintelligible cat-speak: calling my machine (computer) Florence isn’t original because I got it from Florence and the Machine. Hope you get better soon.

      4. Sascha, I am thinking of your health. As you know, I regard intelligibility as optional. 😁 PS: I have to go and do stuff now, 😜 but when you have a chance please check your web page. Our conversation looks very narrow on my machine. If same for you, it’s a WP problem and I know a way to fix it. πŸ€“

      5. Here it is. If it doesn’t work, for PG-13, you can say “That Steve is a silly wombat.” πŸ’

        Click ‘My Site’ top left
        Click ‘WP Admin’ bottom left
        Hover mouse over ‘Settings’ (one from bottom left, you may have to scroll down)
        Click ‘Discussion’ in pop up menu
        On the page, in ‘Other comment settings,’ select/tick ‘Enable threaded (nested) comments’ (if not already)
        and select 3 (or so) levels deep.
        Scroll to bottom, on the left click ‘Save Changes’ button

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