A Butterfly’s (s)Pace #amwriting

Welcome to Sascha Darlington tries to catch up with OctPoWriMo! This is the game in which said writer attempts to channel (semi) coherent poetry while cytokines mess with her brain chemistry. Thanks for joining in the fun! 😉

If you want to catch up with OctPoWriMo too, click here. I am also submitting this to dVerse’s open mic.


©Sascha Darlington

A Butterfly’s (s)Pace


requires determination

to be restless

to conjure thoughts

with constant movement

as if thinking were guided

by the law of motion


I prefer a moss seat

birdsong, soft breezes

sunshine, open mind

where thoughts

enter and exit

like butterflies fluttering

seemingly toward nothing

except an ephemeral gust

hasten to another

velvety blossom

succulent nectar

easing a day’s pursuit


In nature’s energy

and calm

thoughts grow.


Sascha Darlington 10/6/2017

11 thoughts on “A Butterfly’s (s)Pace #amwriting

      1. I have tried a few times and I think practice will help. Today is one of those days where nothing creative is flowing. Maybe I will try again tomorrow.

  1. I like the subtle wordplay in the title and the shape and pace of the poem – as if you are walking, thinking and talking to me.I also like the way the poem takes flight in the second stanza. How true the final words!

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