The Genius Is in the Details #amwriting


For OctoPoWriMo Day 1

The Genius Is in the Details

The earth overbalanced

pitched me here

in orbit of my life.

I see clearly

no revisionist’s eyes

truth uncompromised

I lied to myself

the worst deception of all.


And let you lie.


I dwelled in fantasies

far too many years

when I awakened

a stupid fairy tale maiden

turned slowly saw reality

and death a hair away


It’s a pin in a balloon

air sucked from lungs–

Does tomorrow exist?


Maybe I’d cling to you

we’d become better

at loving, living

but you’re still on earth

while I’m in orbit so far away.


Sascha Darlington 10/6/2017

One thought on “The Genius Is in the Details #amwriting

  1. A thoughtful interstellar piece, Sascha, and great artwork. 🚀 When is it time for realism and when for fantasy? I’m going to have to discuss it with the wood ducks. 🦆 😜

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