You’ve Never Left Me #amwriting


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You’ve Never Left Me

Claudia chartered a boat to sprinkle your ashes at sunset. Media-ready she appears in sunglasses, a black cleavage-enhancing dress, high heels. At the boat, deck shoes await. She’s planned for everything. Her two children drift after her.

“Dad hated boats,” our daughter says.

She takes my hand, her blue eyes, so like yours, scanning my face. She’s waiting for me to break down as when I heard you died.

Last night, we devoured images of you before I replaced your ashes with ones from the fireplace.

I may have left you, but you’ve never left me.


Sascha Darlington 10/6/2017


15 thoughts on “You’ve Never Left Me #amwriting

  1. Thanks for portraying the greatest reality of life, so beautifully and how it’s so much harder on the ones left behind. The closest remain with us even when they are long gone- in our tears and smiles .
    Your writing is so sublime,Sascha. I really admire it and feel inspired, every time I have read the privilege of reading.

  2. You’ve conveyed beautifully an intriguing mixture of emotions between the characters. They sum up the ambivalence of the feelings the narrator has for the dead man. Very clever writing!
    And, as if that wasn’t enough, you have the ‘homespun’ wife putting one over the glamorous, media-savvy Claudia by switching the ashes! Great work, Sascha!

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