I Won’t Back Down — #WeekendCoffeeShare

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It’s been weeks since we’ve shared coffee, or in my case, tea. There’s been lots and lots of PG Tips during the past week!

What do coffee drinkers drink when they get sick? I did consider a cup of coffee yesterday just for the pick-me-up factor, but stuck with tea. Tea is my comfort food of beverages.

I just suffered a mental rant (meaning I didn’t verbalize any of it until right now). Do you ever do that? This time mine was about book reviews on Goodreads, which is actually an ongoing rant. Who are these people who give all books 4 or 5 stars? Are they being honest? Are they afraid they’ll never get another ARC again if they are honest? I understand that readers are different and will judge books differently, but if a book isn’t well-written, if the plot is paper-thin and we give it a good rating nonetheless, aren’t we saying we’re okay with reading below average books because our time isn’t more valuable than that? Pffft. Rant done.

I’m in the middle of doing a rain dance. It’s a very hopeful rain dance. (Ignore the crazy woman dancing around in the humid heat!) Although we’ve had opportunities for rain, we’ve received sunshine instead. Normally I wouldn’t mind, except this has gone on for weeks. Bring on the rain! Also, I like the rain. I like to write while it plays in the background. I find it comforting…along with that cup of tea.

So, I Won’t Back Down. A Tom Petty song (RIP Tom Petty), but also my motto of late. I’ve begun to feel a little like life is testing me. A few weeks ago I whined over everything.  And then I got this stupid cold which doesn’t want to go away and I’ve decided: nope. This is just one more sign that I need to fight harder. I need to live better. Because, you know, I won’t back down. Not now!

My weekend is an extra day. Thanks Mr. Columbus. Even that may have political ramifications. Oh, well.

Have a good week all! I hope to have more adventures coming up than I’ve been having. Be safe and be kind.

ps I need a novel subject for next month’s nanowrimo. Does anyone have an extra? 🙂

5 thoughts on “I Won’t Back Down — #WeekendCoffeeShare

  1. Novel as in book? Or novel as in unusual? 😉 (Not that I have either.) I’m glad your spunk is returning; I’ve been a bit worried. African bush tea is particularly good–more antioxidants than green tea. Re: Goodreads, I have several readers who wrote “less than stellar” reviews so perhaps it’s just a case of “your mileage may vary.” How’s your leg? Since you’re dancing, is it mended? Or are you just hopping for rain?

    1. Thanks, Maggie. We are trying to re-spunk. (No wonder I am having issues there’s more than one of me in here!) Is African bush tea rooibos? If so, I may have some.
      You made a lot happen in Daisy, not to mention that it was funny. I like books where stuff happens. The couple staying in and watching movies sans scintillating conversation is not my idea of a fun book. Paint drying…

      Leg needs PT, which I haven’t felt up to doing. My dancing is more the stuff of waving my arms and acting crazy, you know, normal everyday stuff. 🙂
      Heh..great minds…when I wrote “novel” I did think of the other meaning.

  2. Hope you enjoyed your day off!

    BTW, thanks for the Mary Chapin Carpenter recommendation. This Shirt… o.m.g. What a great song!

    1. Thanks, Tara!
      The Mary Chapin Carpenter album with This Shirt on it was the one before she became really big and it just has some marvelous songs on it. A little bit vulnerable and sweet. “Something of a Dreamer” is another one.

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