Different, OctPoWrimo Day 13 #amwriting #OctPoWriMo


©Sascha Darlington


As a child, weird differentiates

Makes you a magnet for unkindness

As a teenager, you hide weird

Try to fit in, go unnoticed

As an adult, if your esteem survives

You let your freak flag fly

You write your words

You paint your pictures

You shrug away scorn

And jealousy and ignorance

You know some people never find themselves

You’ve known yourself all along


Sascha Darlington



For the prompt of Art in the Wayward Mind from OctPoWriMo


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  1. From one freak flag waver to another – I LOVE THIS! It is such a relatable tale – trying to fit in, trying to hide, until coming into our own truth and not just owning, but celebrating our differences! YES!

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