#SoCS Oct. 14/17… Well …


I haven’t done SoCS for a while, best of intentions, but…

If you’d like to participate click here for the rules, etc.


last night I decided to start the novel. If you’ve read my meanderings, it’s the one I keep talking about writing. So, I stared at my monitor and then at my keyboard and then played a game. And then I read some blog postings and I wrote a poem. What I didn’t do was write a novel or even “the” to begin the novel.

Evidently I have no problem writing other things. I think maybe I need to write an outline. And maybe I need to get more than one scene written inside of my head before I decide to write said novel. Maybe I will write said novel for NaNoWriMo and kill two birds with one stone. (Why in the hell do people want to kill birds with stones? Why do people want to kill birds? Are birds really deserving of such a death?)


Any thoughts? I sure wish I had some.


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