Life of a Squirrel, a continuing saga

So, squirrel made that bird feeder he was draped over (missed that? click here) toast. He chewed on the hard plastic (really?!) and created a gaping hole.

While I’m still trying to figure out a bird feeder I can hang just for birds, I, of course, rewarded the squirrel’s behavior by providing him with a peanut wreath, which he had no trouble discovering.

So far so good, except for the little lady squirrel who is a little afraid of this new hanging thing.

Ha! Except now squirrel is taking the peanuts and planting them in my perennial pots. 🙄 Figures.

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8 thoughts on “Life of a Squirrel, a continuing saga

  1. Resistance is futile. Squirrels are geniuses. I love that you love these guys, and that wreath is a great idea. There is a bird feeder that “closes” when a squirrel sets on it, but I just fill up the feeders and let nature take its course. Possibly, you could enclose your bird feeders in chicken wire (or some wire) where the birds could pass through but the squirrels can’t. Trying to outwit animals is usually a losing battle. 😉

      1. The issue I have with squirrels is that they hoard the seeds. They stuff them in their cheeks and squirrel them away. Somewhere on this ranch is a mountain of sunflower seeds!

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