Life of a Squirrel, today’s second part

You can see the first part of squirrel saga here, in case you missed it.

I’ve decided that maybe that Naturalist book I reviewed last week may have had a more expansive outlook in referring to “experiments” than I interpreted, because I’ve evidently been conducting my own squirrel experiments which entail me learning as I go.

In a matter of hours, my little squirrelly friends have gone nuts…literally, well, except peanuts are legumes…gone beans? Yeah, not so much. There are four peanuts left. Did they eat them all? Uh, no.

20171101_150235 (1)

I suspect next year’s peanut harvest will be fantastic though.

Note to self: must not completely fill wreath with peanuts or my paycheck will be going towards peanuts rather than being peanuts. Many puns here, yet I resist. More coffee.

You might note that I am not resisting procrastination. I have 194 words toward today’s 1666 for NaNo. Yay, go me. πŸ˜‰

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