Waiting #amwriting

PHOTO PROMPT © Sarah Ann Hall

Thanks to Rochelle for hosting Friday Fictioneers.


Some people will see just a candlestick. Not the symbol. If they notice the symbol, they will think how quaint.

Some people will pick up the candlestick, feel its weight. They will not feel its power.

If you see someone pick up the candlestick and their pupils dilate, you know they have felt power.

Them, you watch.

Hold this. Feel the power. It’s the flow of the universe, of this green world, of every cell and every being alive…and dead.

You and me, we feel. Most people? No. They take selfies. They feel nothing. Unconscious.

We, alone, hold the future.


end 11/2/2017

Sascha Darlington


19 thoughts on “Waiting #amwriting

  1. Those who don’t take selfies hold the power? Great!
    I almost got bopped by a Japanese tourist with a selfie stick at the Farmers’ Market yesterday. Her smile was in place, but no-one was behind it. I felt like taking a crime-scene photo, complete with chalk outline. The vacuous bitch hit me first. 😛

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  2. I like that story – it speaks to my inner megalomaniac. ‘We, alone, hold the future!’
    Although it stands alone, your story would be a superb start to a longer piece, in several different genres. Nice one, Sascha.

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