Interview with Sascha Darlington Writer Extrodinair and Poet #interview #nonfiction

I want to thank, Mandi, for this wonderful, *fun* interview.
If you haven’t checked out Mandi’s blog, please do. She writes some beautiful thought-provoking works.


Welcome to another writer/blogger interview. Today I’m interviewing the wonderful poet, blogger, and writer Sascha Darlington. Here blog is called: Sascha Darlington Microcosm Explored. 

Sascha Darlington Image 1 Credit: Sascha Darlington

1. Hi Sascha, Please Tell Us About Yourself? What Are Your Writing and Blogging Goals? 

I’m Sascha Darlington and Scout of Sascha Darlington’s Microcosm Explored. (Lately, I’ve
been wanting to write “Exposed,” is that Freudian or what?). I live near Washington, DC in the U.S.

My writing goals feel as if they are ever-changing. First, my blog started out to be a book
blog and maybe a bit of a photo journal. Then, I started doing daily prompts and found
myself participating in flash fiction and microfiction groups, writing the very form that I
had been playing with in online workshops for a few years. However,  I’d stopped after
getting more rejection than acceptance letters.

Rekindling my passion for writing via my blog…

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