All the Things We’ll Never Know #amwriting (finally) #novembernotes

In November of 2016, I evidently was much more, errrr….what is the word…prolific? Indefatigable? I participated in both NaNo and November Notes, hosted then by Sarah and Rosema. I didn’t realize until last week that they had brought back November Notes again this year. 

Totally corresponding to my adopted theme this year, I will try to catch up.

November Notes is hosted this year by Sarah Doughty of Heartstring Eulogies,  Máh of @mah.writes and Rosema of @areadingwriter. If you want to join in, click on any of the above links or the pic below.


All the Things We’ll Never Know

I’m the open book

heart on sleeve




You tell me

we know nothing.


moments ahead


minds change

thoughts unfurl

like life:

one unknown passage

winding through

worrisome woods.

We are just one

of all the things

we’ll never know.


©Sascha Darlington



Written in response to today’s song for November Notes, If I Be Wrong by Wolf Larsen.


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