Lightning Fireflies #amwriting #novembernotes

Written for November Notes, Words as Weapons by Birdy. I thought of redirection. I am also offering this for dVerse open link.


Lightning Fireflies

Pathetic to consider the energy you expend to injure

how all of those atoms redirected, momentum amassed

could be lightning fireflies portending delight.


©Sascha Darlington



12 thoughts on “Lightning Fireflies #amwriting #novembernotes

  1. You are on fire, Sascha, you know, metaphorically, 😃 undertaking both these things. I like the thought, and fireflies do bring great delight, glow worms too. I sometimes imagine myself as a glow worm. The other glow worms would say, “Come on Steve, we’re glowing and you’re slobbing around on the couch eating nachos.”

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