A Fashion Rant from Me?

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It’s me. I get it. I’m shopping online for a top and see the pants looking like they’ve gone twenty rounds with a meat cleaver and my automatic impression is: no, thanks. It’s not the top. The top could be wonderful (it is probably effing wonderful!), but I am so focused on the ugliness of the shredded pants that I CAN’T see the top!Β (A bloody hell is perfectly inserted here.)

Have I gotten………old?

I have jeans with holes in the knees. I love these jeans. I’ve worn these jeans for ten years. But. BUT! I would never wear them anywhere other than my yard. Yeah, I could see me wearing them to the grocery. Swipe my nose. “Yeah, gimme a pack of marlboros.” (Do they still sell ciggies in groceries?) I’d be so tough. But my knees would be cold. (I hate being cold anymore. So, not so tough.)

Lately I’ve seen shredded sweaters and sweatshirts. I’m incredulous. Hey, let’s mix our shredded sweater with a pair of shredded jeans.

All I can think is that soon homeless people will be giving money to these queens of fashion. Gotta stop.

Please tell me what the statement is behind shredded jeans (pants). I’ve given it consideration. It just seems like a fashion statement for people who have too much money to spend.

Tell me true.


11 thoughts on “A Fashion Rant from Me?

  1. What makes me laugh is the people I know, well I don’t know them that well, who wear ‘torn jeans’. They would never ever buy anything from a charity shop!
    My mother taught me, well forced me, to learn to sew by patching my jeans. I once had a new pair and patched them (inside) before they could develop holes in the knees. My mother just shook her head – I was about ten at the time. Nevertheless it was a valuable lesson, as I now do all my own buttons, repairs, and even adjustments by hand – whereas my nieces take all their stuff to Granny.

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  2. Maybe this is a statement against the “establishment” which (I’m thinking) I might now be part of (yikes). When I was in college, I used to wear Army pants. Literally. Not a brand. I got them from the army/navy surplus store. Most comfortable pants I ever had (I’m thinking I should get another pair). My mom hated them. Couldn’t understand why I’d want to wear old military clothing (they usually came with bits of patching). But I had other friends who also wore them. I, who used to wear army pants and tube tops (which my mom also didn’t like) don’t understand the shredded clothing either, but maybe that’s the point. πŸ™‚

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    • You could be right. I don’t know.
      I think army pants and cargo pants are comfortable.
      I know I’m also not fond of the trend of wearing leggings as pants.
      I love bohemian styles and mixed media. So, I’ll stick I don’t know other than I think torn clothes tend to look apathetic.


  3. I so agree. I see young people wearing clothes that would appear to have come from a dumpster and they paid $100.00 or more to look like they are wearing rags. I know it’s the in thing, but I seriously dislike the look. The same for “chic” furniture that has been beaten to a pulp then touted as delightful whimsy. Really?

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