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We’ll call this the #weekendcoffeeshare without the actual beverages, because I just finished my cuppa. 😞

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What a gorgeous autumn day! The willows still have some vibrant yellow leaves, which look even more gorgeous against the rich blue sky.

It’s been a few busy days in the land of Sascha and Scout.

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Scout, the magnificent

We have a visitor for a few weeks, Louie, who weighs about 46 pounds less than Scout, but with whom Scout has been ever so gentle. I know he’s mine, but Scout is one of the best, smartest, gentlest dogs in the world (no, I’m not prejudiced–much). I am a happy and lucky pup owner.


Hi! I’m Louie!


Thanksgiving always marks the beginning of the holidays season and I’m already tired of eating and ready to embark on a month-long diet. Maybe just cups of herbal tea and cucumbers. Heh.

My NaNoWriMo is meh. (I’ve still high hopes. You may have noticed I can always spew a lot of words–except..err…lately.)

You know I don’t talk about politics here. I get enough of it and I’m sure you do too. However, I’ve noticed how readily people dehumanize others lately. They give someone an appellation of liberal or conservative. Categorize and pigeon-hole people until they are no longer people and then it seems like it’s okay for a person to talk about others in a sweeping category: Those [insert category here]. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t healthy conduct for a society, any society. But with populations increasing, it’s really just a facet of that, isn’t it? I guess I can comment, yet have no suggestions for cures. So that was the soapbox moment.

I hope that you all have been well. If you’ve been in the States and have celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope it was wonderful, filling, and peaceful.

Have a great week!

Sascha D, Scout, and Louie the loaner dog

18 thoughts on “Checking In

  1. Scout the magnificent indeed, though Louie is shy as the picture didn’t load Sacha.
    I met two chihuahuas today, both wearing identical jackets and matching snarls. Ho hum. I know they’re not all like that.

  2. I love your dog. There’s a look about him that says he’s calm gentle and loving. I so wanted to reach out and pat him in that picture. I’m hoping you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Ours was last month and it was wonderful. Have started on our decorations. My son bought all brand new as I’ve had the others for 20 years or more. We’re going white silver and opaque. He even bought a Christmas Tree. I’ve always had reasonably sized places, but I didn’t want to give up space to a tree. He found one. Later, when all is done, I’ll take pictures. Everyone here is into the spirit of giving already. Not sure what’s happening. My daughter had planned to take their family (6) to Mexico. The two older girls are working and can’t get time off so it’s put a hold on preparations. This is her last year for christmas holidays, for the next 4 years at least, she gets summer time off instead. So we want to make it special, well we did anyway. lol.

    1. Your tree sounds like it will be lovely! And it sounds like you all are already in the spirit.

      I’m waiting until next week to put up my tree and lights. We’re still having seesaw autumn weather here and next week is supposed to be relatively warm. And then, of course, I’ll hope for snow for Christmas. ha!

      1. We had a couple of feet Christmas Day last year. This year we are seesawing too, one day is bright with blue skies and suuuuuny, the next pouring rain followed by a skiff of snow. So far it’s sideways rain. They are expecting 2 ft more snow this year over last, but the pineapple express moved in from Hawaii, so we suddenly have unseasonably warm weather, lol. Decided decorations were in order anyway, mwahaha

      2. I would imagine so, I would! I can’t say how pretty they look, I can’t see anything but light with massive halo around it. I can’t see in bright light, or dark or dim. There’s a small window of opportunity for me so I’ll get him to take a picture and post then you can help me decide if it’s done right, haha

  3. My blog (and writing) seem to be ever changing. Next week it will be all fashion, all of the time. (That’s about the funniest thing I’ve ever written! πŸ™‚ )

    Actually when I’m done banging my head over NaNo, I was thinking of doing a little Christmas romance like I did last year.

    Maybe it will be Mouse goes on vacation. ha!

  4. I love the doggies too, but your writing appears to be oscillating between the stars and meh. I don’t write much, but when it’s Friday evening and I’ve written zip I use a combination of three factors to get a post done: (1) coffee overdose (2) fear (3) panic. Now I read it, I can see that it’s not really very helpful information. Oh well. πŸ’

    1. Ha! Thanks. πŸ˜‰
      I think I’ve gotten a little burned out. I’ve been going full-steam ahead between the writing and the book reviews that I think I hit a wall. That could be overthinking or it could be the truth or it could be an excuse. How to know?
      I’m probably done with excuses.. At the moment, it is what it is. But I anticipate a good week and rediscovering momentum!
      Thank you!

      1. My plez. Being serious for a microsecond, I find this time of year very challenging for lots of reasons. I guess you decide for yourself where you put your time, and that’s about it. I have no doubts about your ability, but every writer has to be in the right frame, and for me “I’m going to do this because I have to” never works, it has the opposite effect.

      2. You are right and I think I found it to be true. I certainly haven’t been in the right frame lately (although I feel fantastic now) so maybe I have to reevaluate things. I appreciate your insights. πŸ™‚

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