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I am not normal. By now, you know that and, well,  I’ve known that for a long time.

I don’t watch tv that often–not until dark falls early and I need to knit Christmas gifts!!!!! I try to knit while reading. Fortunately if I know the pattern really well, it’s not that much of a problem, but still it’s not as lovely as watching tv while knitting. (No swishing or page turning.) If anyone is curious about the patterns and knitting, let me know. I’ll have pics soon.

So. I’ve binged on Stranger Things lately. Have any of you seen it? I didn’t watch the first season last year. I don’t know why. Too busy? Does that work as a good excuse? Yeah. so be it.

However, I binged on both Season 1 and 2 recently. At first, I wondered about the guy who was Chief of police. Say what? A disheveled, sarcastic, paunchy guy? I kept waiting for the “real” Hollywood hero. The guy who is too pretty for words (probably because he doesn’t know them) and flexes his muscles to persuade us just how sexy he is. The six-pack and tattoos that seem so necessary these days. You know who I mean. But by episode three I had a crush on this paunchy guy with his irreverent ways and smoking and eating bad things. I loved the eye rolls and sensitivity and caustic words. (He’s like a REAL guy! Not Make-Believe!!) I loved that when handed an apple he’d take a bite and then look as if someone had poisoned him. Yep. Binged and crushed on an unlikely suspect.

Second binge. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. I’ve always been a sucker for period pieces. I love the music. Please, let me hear Frank Sinatra sing: Oh, Look at Me Now more often. (Yes, I love grunge, I love opera, I love country….oh, come on, I love it all. Just listen to him sing that song and expand your repertoire!) I guess that was a tangent.

Stick with me.

The lead actress  Rachel Brosnahan looks like a smooshing together of Cobie Smulders and Andie MacDowell, just luminous and brilliant. Actually the entire cast is right on key, especially old favorites Tony Shalhoub and Alex Borstein, who I still remember from her days on MADtv.

With knitting in hand, I turned on my telly tonight ready to watch more when I realized, much to my chagrin, that I had watched the season finale last night. I had passed that moment of reverence when you know that you’re about to watch the last episode and have your…well…here it goes until next year moment. Such Sadz. Watch this show! It’s funny and wonderful and it’s from the creators of the Gilmore Girls. But it seems more real than the Gilmore Girls…maybe it’s the language.

Because I have gifts to knit (I sucked last year so really have to do it this year!), I am on to Good Girls Revolt, Season 1, from Amazon. So far so good. I like the actresses. The music is fantastic. All of those solid late 60’s hits, like Gimme Shelter, which will keep playing in my head for days. I think it’s based on a book. Nora Ephron is characterized. So cool! I’ll let you know how it goes. Although I just read (while writing this post) that it was cancelled in January. One season. Ah, that’s sad. I’ve seen two episodes. Both good. Who knows. 🙁

5 thoughts on “Binge TV Watching

  1. I’ve only watched Stranger Things out of the shows you mentioned and I have to say, it’s a favorite! Hopper is awesome! I still can’t believe he’s going to be the new Hellboy. He definitely won’t look the same after the workout training for that movie, lol. Great post. 😊

    1. I was surprised how long it too me to get to Stranger Things because I’ve always loved shows like that. I did see he was going to do Hellboy, but didn’t think about workout training. heh. hmmm.
      Thanks. 🙂

  2. I spent the last year craving more Stranger Things after season one. I loved season two! I’m about to start Black-ish and This Is Us. So, I’m ready to laugh and cry. I’ve been warned to always have tissues nearby for This Is Us. I also still have to watch Marvel’s The Punisher on Netflix.

    1. So many shows, so little time. I’ve heard Black-ish was good as well as This Is Us. Ooooh, The Punisher. I am still wading through The Defenders. I heard the Marvel shows might not continue on Netflix because Disney is going to start streaming. Not sure that’s good.

      1. Yeah, I think all the fans are waiting to see what they’ll do. Season two of Jessica Jones is already wrapped filming and I believe Luke Cage is done or almost done.

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