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It’s December and I actually feel relief, which must mean that I need a psychological exam–stat! Here comes Christmas with all of that stress, but not for me. I used every single allocated bit of stress for the entire year last month in a great feat of failure called NaNoWriMo. I felt bad from midnight until 12:14 am on December 1 and then went to sleep and am currently moving on with life. It wasn’t my year to win NaNo. However, I came out of it with four possible (bad) ideas for novels. Ha!

The past couple of days I’ve been a buzz of activity.

IMG_3116 (2)

Tree’s up and most of the decorating done. I am not a fanatic, you know, unless something is standing still and then I decorate it. 😉 Scout has long learned to keep moving at the beginning of December if I had something that looks like garland in my hand.

IMG_3110 (2)

No tinsel, no ornaments, I’m okay, says Scout. 

But there’s been something concrete and cathartic about decorating this year, which sounds strange, but tis true. Sometimes in the past I’ve felt “oh, gee, decorating” (hide a yawn), “yippee…” with no enthusiasm. This year was a different kettle of fish. (No fish were actually harmed in decorating, I promise.) I felt a strange sense of achievement in putting up lights and organizing–maybe that’s because I didn’t feel much achievement in November. (Whine, whine, whine–and whine no more! However, we are open to wine.)

I’ve just started a new “job.” I will be interning with Entangled Publishing, which I’m really excited about. It isn’t a crazy commitment (considering that I’m currently stretched thin (ha, not physically)) and I’m positive I will learn a lot and everyone I’ve ever dealt with at Entangled has always been cool, so I think this will be a great experience.

IMG_3106 (2)

Louie the loaner dog is still here, although sometimes you aren’t sure as he does a really great impression of a dog blanket in a dog bed. But he’s there (and not decorated). Sometimes the blanket moves and murmurs.

This was going to be a quick post, but have you ever sat at your computer, begun sticking images in and then realize you really need to edit those images and what happens is that you spend at least 15 minutes editing an image only to realize that maybe you should just take it again and then edit that new one? Is it just me who falls into the great dark void that is my computer?

I was actually considering doing WordPress’ daily prompt. I was on tenterhooks as I clicked on the page to see what the word was. It was tenterhooks so I figured, oh, well. That’s not happening. Maybe tomorrow. After all, tomorrow is another day.

I expect December to be the least stressful month of the year thus far. Yep, I am a little crazy. But I’ve decided to take it easy, unwind, and rejuvenate.

Hopefully I’ll provide you all with a fun serial. I have one in mind. We’ll see.

Oh, one last thing. I have been remiss in not providing a squirrel picture lately. Here you go. They just had seeds and peanuts put out. Their squirrely webcams must have been on alert because they arrived in no time.


You all be good and safe and well and have a great week! Thanks for visiting!









14 thoughts on “Tea Time! #weekendcoffeeshare

  1. I hope December and 2018 are far less stressful for you. You are so delightful and I enjoy your company so much. I too found decorating an absolute delight and feel this is the best Christmas ever! Imagine that! Look forward to hearing how the new job goes and what your responsibilities are. You rock!

  2. Didn’t you notice the big warning sign in nano? Pay attention…. naNO! As in, no, do not do this! But that’s all behind us now (pass the whine, err the wine) until next year! Congrats on having the smartest dog ever and on the internship and on the well decorated tree! Look forward to more stories from you, whatever they might be!

    1. You’re right. I’m thinking it should be naNOwriMO…No Mo! (jeez, I make myself laugh.) Cheers to you! And thanks. I hope the near time brings us all kinds of good things!

  3. Congratulations on coming up with four good story ideas! Writing is never a waste or a failure. <3

    1. It’s kind of sad. Sit down to google a recipe, but your catches an add. You stand up an hour later and realize you never looked for the recipe.
      Thanks, Anne! There will be more squirrel photos. One of them is getting a little fat. I think she’s storing for the winter. 🙂

  4. An entertaining read, Sascha, glad you’re not a decoration fanatic hahaha, and Entangled sounds good. I sometimes hang some giant silver baubles and aim a He-Ne laser beam at them. Being totally repetitive, I’ve had a zillion rejections from publishers, a stand-out being the one page pointing out all the scientific flaws in a short story, and as you know, I go with (1) who cares? (2) total optimism (3) a glass of Pinot for strictly medicinal purposes. Have a great December. 😸

  5. Wow! So much to be grateful for and excited about. (Entangled internship–woohoo!) Considering how you were feeling about a month or so ago, just proves my mom was right–the pendulum always swings back! I will live vicariously through you until my pendulum swings back. Merry Christmas to you, Scout, and the squirrels.

    1. I think we put so much on ourselves sometimes, even without thinking, that we are a magnet for that pendulum to swing one way. Here’s hoping, yours is only a minuscule of time and we’re all doing the Rockin’ Around the Christmas tree.

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